Sunday, 13 September 2009

Jump! Jump!

We seemed to jump straight from the Summer, although we question whether we had a summer this year, the total temperatures set for June, July and August seemed to be concentrated into a single one-week heatwave back at the beginning of July, and now we've entered September the theory of Autumn has only been adopted by the trees, everything and everyone else says bollocks, roll on the Winter.

Anyway, this is the last post of the 'Summer', although officially we don't enter the autumn until something like the 19th or 18th September, it's been so bloody cold we may aswell plant a tree in the house, throw some white lights around a bush, find some port and setup the anti-fatman-dressed-in-red-in-the-chimney mechanism. Called a log fire. Tommorow is the first day for me at College, so today is the last day of the holidays, hence this blog being at smidgin premature of the actual date.

So, what's new? Well, it's taken exactly 3 weeks to use up another whole page in my logbook, courtesy of the now "Post-Solo" status =D, 590 miles and reflective tape on the bike, new music in the iTunes library, a damn tidy desk, one completed Fire Flash and a new light bulb.

Over the past few weeks I've been wombling around getting the old crankshaft in my head unseized prior to starting the following two years at Alton. This was going nicely until the the college dumped a nice pile of pre-course work for each of my subjects, with the exception of Phsyics. Mathematics gave us a 16-page booklet with Brackets, Factorising, Equations, Simultaneous Equations, Changing the Subject (of a Formula), Indices and Trigonometry. Pyschology gave us eight questions in relation to 'Obedience to Authority', based upon Milgram's research into Auschwitz and the Holocaust. Geography gave us a project to do, based upon a question of our choice, but Physics were nice, they only gave us a short and easy online start of course quiz.

Oh and Moodle. Moodle's pretty cool.

What's next? Well, right now I could be getting on with any number of things, including finishing off my Geography and getting things together ready for tommorow. Our new day is 0850-1630, which has the Farnborough's smug as their day is only 0900-1615. And they don't have pre-course work. But they don't have Moodle so that justifies going to Alton!

Anyway, I shall post again soon (provisional... *angel*) reporting on first impressions of Alton, and college life. =)


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