Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Great Year, Great Fun, Great Love

There's a saying, that "time flies when you're having fun", which subsequently developed a sub-saying, "time flies". Now, you might think, judging by a majority of my other posts in the past, that this is going to be about flying again. But no, this is all about making the most of now.
Time flies, it really does. We live in a moment, an x-amount of time that I can't be bothered to explain now.
One year ago this month, I went overseas to visit a place that shall always be engraved in the history books, in the nightmares and memories of millions of people and on the face of a Polish landscape. In this past year, so much has happened. To me, I look at what has happened since this said visit, and looking at the overall big picture you just realise just how wonderful life can be. I must have been to Odiham hundreds of times. I must have spent a total of days in lessons, learning various topics. Thing is, I don't remember all of it. I don't remember the hours of intense boredom, listening to some old teacher droning on about a governmentally-made-compulsory subject that only a small percentage of students have an interest in. This is where I made paper-aeroplanes. But no, we're not deviating to flying here.
So what actually happened between October 08 and 09? The personal things will remain personal, and it's the personal stuff that's what I live for, but the key points include New Year 2009 (personal reasons, but I'm not going there publically), GCSEs, GCSE results, leaving 14 years of schooling behind, sadly with many great faces, some of which were 14 years in my memory, others just the one. Making the transition from Pre-Solo to Post Solo, earning my Wings and most recently, starting college life.
I could write for hours about the personal things that made it all so great, but that's best left between who it was shared with. So how does this relate to how time flies? Well it all went so quickly, and so much has happened since, that we should really make the most of now. Now, all I'm going to do is, as of October 26th 09, spend a little bit of time with a my close friends who shared the Poland experience, and look forward to the time between then and October 26th 10, when a whole load more great things and days spent with them are gonna continue making life for living.

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